Friday, 16 September 2016

Vulnhub Stapler

Good old Vulnhub.  It is a home of commendable virtual machines for folk to go and flex their hacky fingers.  I quite enjoy doing them as a challenge is a challenge! Also by writing about them I get to stuff that knowledge further into my brain (that's how mine works) and it also gives me practice for report writing.

I really enjoyed this VM as there are several ways to exploit it.  I did 2 of them and I have left the rest for a time further down the road when the exploits etc aren't as fresh in my head.

I use Cherry Tree for my note taking but unfortunately the output PDF has made the images look odd and this seems to be a quirk of it.

So here's how I found the flags

After scanning the ports it was time to start finding a way to get inside.  Port 21 was 1st on the scan so it was 1st on my hit list.

After getting nowhere  with this port I moved onto the ssh port.

This list in my enumeration of users

I had a lot of fun with this vm.  I love that there are individuals and groups who are willing to take the time to compile such things.  So to them I salute!!

That's enough from me for now :)

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